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Our Next Meeting

2024 - 2025 Meetings

Our Next Meeting will be:
Tuesday, September 10th • 6:00-7:00 pm

  We meet just 4 times per year on the 2nd Tuesday of the month 

            September 10th • November 12th • February 11th • April 8th

Coom's Corner

1255 East 9th Street

Lockport IL 60441 
Phone: (815) 838-4420

Our Meetings

Generally, our meetings will go as follows:

5:30 to 6:00 pm • Check-in and mingling
6:00 pm • Meeting begins

• Opening remarks by 100+ WWC member.
• The charity that received the funds from the previous meeting will be asked to tell the group how their donations were/will be used within the organization.
• Three (3) nominated charities will be selected at random from the basket.
• The members who nominated those three (3) charities will each have five (5) minutes to present their charity to the group (no PowerPoint or collateral materials, please).
• A brief Q&A will follow each presenter.
• Members will submit their anonymous ballot and the votes are tabulated.
• The charity with the most votes is announced.
• Checks are written by each member to the selected charity.

7:00 pm • Meeting is adjourned

Remember to bring a check!
A simple concept.  A big impact.

Please plan to join us after the meeting for a drink or even dinner!

You do not need to
RSVP for the meetings. 

We welcome new members and even those who want to come and experience a meeting before joining.

If you are an active member and would like to nominate a local non-profit, charity, or worthy cause, please complete the Charity Nomination Form.
(Please note that while members are encouraged to nominate a charity, it is not a requirement for membership. Many members are happy to support the charities nominated by others without nominating one themselves.)

Members: be sure to bring your blank check for $100!

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