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How It Works

Quick Summary:

  • We meet four (4) times a year, for one hour, to nominate any 501(c)3 charities that provide services within the Will County community.

  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year) or commits as a team (2 or 4 women) ($400 per year total).

  • Any member of the group can nominate a charity.

  • Three nominations are chosen at random, and after brief presentations by those nominating members, all members vote for one charity to support.

  • Everyone writes a $100 check, on the spot, directly to the winning charity. 

Meeting Arrival

  • When you arrive, members will check in.  Those who have signed a Commitment Form and are current with her donations will receive a voting ballot.  Teams of two or four members only receive one ballot.  

  • Commitment Forms are available for any new members joining that night

  • We also welcome those who want to come and experience a meeting before joining

Events & Workshops

Nominating a Charity

For more questions, check out the FAQ.

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